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CoCo Katsura 

Moon light Bath 
30-01-2018 thanks for m
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    video  pedro maria 

    model  sana sakura 





Shibari x Technology x Performance x Art

born in Tokyo, Japan
moved to Berlin - 2011

Japanese Rope Bondage Performer
Fire Performer
Body Suspencion Performence
Installation artist

Japanease shibari workshop

She has started to work as a body modfication performer in the year 2000 in Tokyo underground secne,
Her unique style is a mix of cult japanease classic form and modern gothic decadance.

CoCo has performed at over 100 stages across the world during past 15 years.
Mainly Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium and France.
Her intention towards her art is to reach other peoples hearts and thoughts by the usage of her body.

mainly CoCo is performing

Fetish gothic event, bodymodification conferrence, japanease culture event. music 
  art Garelly ..CoCo features a lot of different artists and styles, trying to make beautiful space productions.

1999-2011 - her performances have a taste of death, and nature smell.

 For the past 10 years, CoCo has focused on the body Movement with Bondage  Hers  native  culture, collaborating with butoh dancers, video artists, and live sound artists to  create works togetherbore. old work check facebook :)

and she is still performing and doing  Japanease shibari workshop


-Past Bondage Workshop -

   2010-2022 (Bondy Modification confference)

  2019 chaotic cult in poland

    2022 Art lake festival

                             Berlin personal and praivate more

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Stage projekt. exphibiton Installation.
shooting .shibariworkshop etc ....send me message from here


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